Who would have thought the movie "Juice" would give rise to the birth of Mark LaRush in East New York, Brooklyn? Inspired by the film and its urban music, he hurriedly purchased his first pair of turntables and practiced every night in his bedroom. The music he created filled his tiny room but more importantly emanated so freely and with passion from a place deep within him that practicing by himself was simply not enough. On a mission to find others filled with musical inspiration like him self, La Rush sought to watch other DJs from a variety of different neighborhoods spin vinyl of Latin, House and Hip-Hop music. He watched intently as other DJ‘s riveted crowds and obtained a real good sense on how he ultimately wanted to move a crowd. From that point on, DJ‘ing as a hobby became DJ‘ing as a life‘s career. Years progressed and La Rush, initially spinning at local house parties, basement parties and local events, graduated to performing at well-known lounges and clubs in the mecca of the music world, New York City. His roots in NYC began with performing at clubs such as DeVille, Boucarou, Tonic, Belmont Lounge, Suzie Wong, Guest House, Gates, Marquee, Juliet, Aspen Social and many more. He is now proud to be the resident DJ at China One, Falucka, Le Souk, and Flute. His high energy mix of beats invigorates all crowds listening. He generally plays a mix of Pop, disco, 80‘s, House, Reggae, Hip Hop, R&B, and Rock.

In addition to his work in NYC clubs and lounges, Mark LaRush also performs for all private events needing a DJ including weddings, fashion events, and parties for all occasions. Mark Larush is currently working on music production and DJ‘ing internationally. Be on the lookout for Mark Larush‘s eclectic style of music because he‘s looking for you…to make sure you have a great time whenever his music is playing!