Mark Larush Spinning At Son Cubano & Pranna Brunch

Mark Larush, DJ L, LOHRASP KANSARAMark Larush, dj Mark Larush, DJ Larush, Son Cubano


On February 1st DJ Mark Larush was so excited to play at Pranna for Brunch. Later that night Mark Larush had an open set for DJ L AKA Lohrasp Kansara at Son Cubano. Not only dose Mark Larush respect DJ L as a DJ but also respect him as a Actor.  The same night Mark asked DJ L how are you able to DJ at so many hot spots, DJ L said I work hard!!!!!





2013 Was An Amazing Year For Mark Larush!!!

Mark Larush, DJ Mark Larush

Mark Larush, DJ Mark Larush

Mark Larush, DJ Mark Larush
Mark Larush, DJ Mark Larush


Mark Larush, DJ Mark Larush Color

Mark Larush, DJ Mark Larush

Mark Larush, DJ Mark Larush


Mark Larush scheduled to spin for filming of VH1’s hit show Love & Hip Hop at Le Souk.

DJ Mark Larush is scheduled to spin tonight at Le Souk for the filming of VH1’s reality show Love & Hip Hop. He will be spinning along side guest DJs Peter Gunz and Erick La Peau.

Love & Hip Hop is an American reality television series on VH1, the show follows the lives of several women who are involved with the hip hop industry.

Mark Larush VH1 Filming Love and Hip Hop. DJ Mark Larush.Mark-Larush-Photoshoot31Mark Larush, REDMark Larush in Frankfurt.

Mark Larush Announces New Residency at Babel Lounge and Hookah Bar

Mark Larush is pleased to announce his new residency at Babel Lounge and Hookah Bar. This alliance is a natural fit due to Mark’s experience working in dance lounges and Middle Eastern themed entertainment venues. He is excited to bring his mix of Top 40, Dance, House and Hip-Hop to hookah lounge loving NYC party-goers!

In 2013, Babel Lounge renovated and relaunched, creating two rooms with DJs on rotation spinning different genres of music. They added table service, a VIP entrance and live entertainment including belly dancing and tribal drumming. They are soon scheduled to open their new kitchen featuring Mediterranean cuisine.

Babel Lounge is located at 131 Avenue C, New York, NY 10009. Find them online at


Mark Larush is Spinning for the Official Walter Baker 2013 Fashion Week Party.



Mark Larush 2013 Fashion week, DJ Mark Larush

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